Thursday, December 30, 2010

December Response--Michelle Stockwell

So many of us don't seek help because our problems are not big enough. We don't need therapy we say. We are healthy and stable people.Healthy people don't need help. 

This mindset sets us up, especially those of us with raging hormones, for failure. Everyone needs help from time to time. As a society, we need to tell one another that asking for help does not take resources away from people with extreme cases, AND that it is normal. As teens, all we crave is a degree of normalcy. Some of us strive to be unique, but have you noticed those people tend to group together? 

So, how do we make asking for help normal? We start with ourselves, we ask for help and show everyone around us that getting help is okay. That a fight with your parents is just as important to talk about with someone trusted as what we consider "severe" issues.

But wait, you say--if you are a devil's advocate--getting help DOES take recources away from those who need it most. And you would be somewhat right, we know our counselors at school have enough on their plates just with coordinating our class schedules. 

The Wake Up Coalition proposes a solution: we will be there to talk to. We will listen and when necessary refer. We won't tell the world that you came in for help, but if you are proud of getting help, tell for us. Show your friends that it is alright. Let us become the healthiest society we can be.

It starts with you.

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