Saturday, December 18, 2010

Student Response--Jordan Gaches

Are you sixteen and pregnant?  

As ridiculous and dramatic the hit MTV series may be, pregnancy is a harsh reality for almost a third of American teenage girls.  I was shocked at the statistics: the United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the western industrialized world?!  I see "those girls" every day in school, yet until this year I wasn't fully aware of the situation.  

I'll confess;  when I first found out one of the girls in my sophomore orientation group was pregnant, my initial response was, "Crap! I still need to learn all my sophomores' names and now I have a fetus to keep track of!".  Then I started thinking, "How does she do it?  Starting high school is terrifying enough as it does being a parent at fifteen work into the mix?".  Education is the best form of birth control; hopefully with "Wake Up" I can spread as much of it as possible.  

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  1. Amazingly enough. 16 & Pregnant has shown to slightly reduce the teen pregnancy rate. Some would say the show glamorizes Teen Pregnancy, but i feel like those are the people who fear it the most. And don't want their children being exposed to the possibility.