Monday, December 13, 2010

Student Response: One in Ten--Nina Keizer

A Response to “One Teenager in Ten” about sex education.

            I don't know if I should call it an article, maybe it's more of an editorial, like in the 'Op-Ed' section of the Proper genre aside, this piece of writing has enlightened me in ways I was not prepared for. For one it specifically addressed education about homosexuality as sex education, which is something I had never really thought about before. When I thought of sex-ed, I thought of addressing the subject of actually doing it, you know, vagina's, penis', condoms, STD's (or I guess, STI's), not sexuality. Now that I actually think of it sexuality has a lot to do with sex, which sounds really stupid of me, but it's just one of those things that don't automatically come to mind. Maybe it's because people are overwhelmingly bombarded with the traditional image of a sexually active couple, that is, a man and a woman, or maybe because on the bare level whether it's hetero or homo, the same risks (except pregnancy) apply, but either way sexuality is not brought up. And really it's not brought up anywhere, maybe once or twice in social studies, but the subject is never fully addressed and I guess children are never fully informed. I think that's a problem, this may not be 1985, but the situation about sexual orientation still isn't where it should be. Everything I know about homosexuality has either been from the media, mainly television (which is never completely reliable), and from experiences through organizations in no way affiliated with school, mainly SYT. This article definitely brought to light a side of sex-ed which I had never considered, and I hope in the near futue will be addressed.

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