Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Teen Pregnancy Article Response: Leslie Cunningham

As one walks through the halls of Free State High School, they are greeted with a plethora of activity. Students meander around their lockers, waiting for class to begin. A few lanky basketball speak animatedly about their upcoming home game, and a gaggle of sophomores girls giggle excitedly about the winter formal that is just around the corner. In high school many of us live in our own little bubble of happiness. The most we ever  contemplate worrying about is grades, whether or not we’ll play a good game, or if anyone will be wearing the same dress as us at the school dance. However, if the statistics at pregnantteenhelp.org hold any truth than for some, their happiness bubble will be abruptly be popped and for many it already has. 

There are girls at Free State and all over the country who are pregnant teens. I’ve seen them as they head to class, laughing and smiling just like everyone else, but I can’t help but imagine how much their lives have changed and everything they have had to give up. True, the teen pregnancy rate has declined over the past years but American still has an obscenely high rate of 33%. If said rate truly is so high then I believe it means we’re not doing enough. I find it tragic that 1/3 of all girls are being forced to surrender their youth and teenager years due to the fact that they are pregnant. Being in such a position is unfathomable to me. I could swear up and down that something like teen pregnancy would never happen to me but I am positive that many young women who found themselves pregnant and in high school said the same thing. This alone proves that there is a problem with American and our Sexual Education programs and that a remedy for this epidemic is badly needed.

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