Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Teen Suicide Article Response--Jevan Bremby

I began with the intention to skim through each article to gauge which article I wanted to write a response about. I ended up choosing the one that I had to respond to. Teen Suicide: Helping Surviors Make Sense of Sudden Loss.
    As I began the article, I was forced to slow down as I was almost immediately drawn into the story of the little brother whose older brother committed suicide and felt responsible. I, being the youngest of four siblings (I have two sisters and 1 brother), connected to the little brother. He felt feelings that I could understand and relate to. I haven't had a real conversation with my brother in over 5 months. If I were to lose him one day to himself? I can't even fathom the path that I would take. That was the mindset the article put me in. It forced me to place myself in that situation and ask myself, "How would you feel?" and "What would you do?". The article does an amazing job at diagnosing and delineating common emotions that 'survivors' encounter. As I read further into the descriptions of emotions, I, in a way, donned each one, seeing which ones could imagine feeling, basing my conclusions on experiences I've had when faced with news of deaths of family, classmates, and acquaintances. How those experiences affected me, using them to shape the kind of hell that I would most likely subject myself to. I came to the conclusion that Shock, Relief, and Guilt, were the emotions that would poison my mind following such a loss. This was a beautifully written article and it has made me rethink aspects of the relationships in my life... One in particular.
This is perhaps the most volatile of the three issues chosen to take on. Undoubtedly, it is the one I fear most of all. Sadly, it seems to get the least amount of attention. Fear of the unknown hinders development. It seems parents fear powerful information thus hindering the development of the students(as demonstrated by the lack of legitimate Sex Education). How will we secure ourselves in times of crisis, if we are taught to operate under the fallacy of universal contentedness and turn our head to the dangers of depression?

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