Sunday, January 9, 2011

December Response--Lauren Fleming

I would like to say how excited I am about the Wake Up! Coalition.  During our last meeting, I started to realize how amazing this project could be!  It was troubling to hear about the lack of sex education, counselors, and suicide prevention that is missing from the high schools and some of the junior highs. 

The majority of high school students in the Wake Up! Coalition agreed that one of the main problems that we have at school is finding an adult figure to talk to.  The counselors at my high school should be renamed “Schedulers.”  In no way is their occupation to counsel, except about college and classes.  I have never once considered walking into my counselor’s office and expressing my troubles or asking him for advice. The counselors are all wonderful people, but the school needs to consider hiring actual counselors that will be there for students.

If everyone evolved in this program devotes themselves to making the Wake Up! Coalition work (which I have no doubt of) then this program could have a huge impact on the teens in Lawrence.  The possibilities are endless of how we can help out our community, and I am thrilled to see how big of an impact the Wake Up! Coalition will have!