Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Community Talkback

Though the audience was small, the conversation was riveting tonight at our first Community Talkback session.  Sixteen members of the coalition shared their passion and vision for the impact teenagers can make on one another's lives, and we were able to start spreading our message of hope, empowerment, and the universality of needing help with a few more members of the community.

A special tanks to reporter Joe Preiner from the LJWorld; his article about the event should appear in tomorrow's paper.  And another thanks to the members of the Kansas Consortium for Youth Voice (KCYV) who joined us as well.  We look forward to collaborating more with you in the future.

So, to kick off the conversation in a more global way, I've decided to post a question generated by the coalition members themselves in the interest of fostering a broader conversation.  Please respond in a comment to this post, and remember to keep responses PG as we are an all access to information organization.

This week's question stems from a large conversation about the accessibility of information online and how unreliable, and often dangerous, that information can be.  We asked each other and--tonight--our audience members for their answer to this question already, but we would love to know what you think: